The Full Face Mask

Is ideal if a person is exposed to colds or allergens. 

Kuhn Copper Mask
The Mini Mask

Ideal for a cell phone user, a diner who may want to converse and eat, or a person who wants to wear the mask while resting. This mask is very comfortable.

Mesh Nose Mask

Some Uses:

  • At the first sign of a cold
  • When close to someone who has a cold or is sneezing
  • In a crowded place
  • When traveling by airplane or by bus or immediately after travel
  • When you are immunosuppressed and must visit a crowded doctor’s office
  • When you have a cold and want to protect others
  • When being exposed to allergens, such as cutting a lawn. 

(See instructions for other uses)

Note: The Well Mask and mini mask are not intended as surgical, infection control, dental, or medical procedure masks and should not be used under any conditions where bodily fluids or blood may be sprayed directly on the mask, as splash may penetrate the mask. 

The Copper Converter or Copper Mesh Insert (CMI)

Is a pure copper mesh insert (3″ x 4″) designed specifically to be worn beneath a conventional mask for an extra layer of protection. The CMI adheres to the mask, adding a sanitizing component to the conventional mask and enhancing the protective properties. 

One set contains two inserts.

Copper Mesh Insert

Top ArrowCopper Mesh Insert
Bottom ArrowConventional Mask

One Set contains two inserts

Some Uses:

  • May be worn beneath surgical, infection control, dental and medical procedure masks.
  • When a health care worker wishes to protect others